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There are three licence classes, Foundation, Intermediate and Full. Here you will find some Practice Examination Questions. If you are new to the hobby please do not be put off by the questions as presented here. Also please be aware that these are examples only and that the syllabus and licence conditions can change with time. Full training will be given before you take any proper exams. For more information on training courses near you contact the RSGB.

4, 5, and 6 By Ian Carter G0GRI

1, 2 and 3 By Steve Hartley G0FUW

Please note;- The questions in the sample papers provided on this web page are not verified and any errors or omissions or queries should be directed via email to C&DARC, and if necessary, clarification or correction will be undertaken. The questions are not part of, or taken from the RSGB/RCE question bank. The questions are a training aid and should not be used to measure your capability in passing the formal Radio Amateur Foundation or Intermediate License.

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