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Eddystone Night

Eddystone Receivers - A talk by Ian Nutt M0ECQ that took place on Tuesday 14th October 2008.

“If you look on the back of an Eddystone you will often see that it was made by “Stratton and Co,” Birmingham 31.

How was it that Stratton and Co, a maker of fancy goods and hat pins, became a manufacturer of highly regarded communications receivers that were used extensively by the armed forces, governments around the World, and by both the Russians and Americans in the earliest days of the space race?

After a brief review of the history of this famous marque, there will be opportunity to see and to try some of the Company’s more famous models as I shall bring along a number of mint versions from my collection, including the EA12 and 888A Amateur bands receivers, a 940 “Gentleman SWL Receiver, for the well heeled”, an 830/7, used by GCHQ and the Diplomatic service, and the 770U and 770R UHF-VHF receivers.

Try them out: and hone your receiving skills! This is definitely a dsp free evening!!”

Ian Nutt M0ECQ

The receivers where very impressive in both condition and performance. Club members enjoyed a very informative evening. Our thanks go to Ian.

Photos by G0GRI + G8TTI